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DAA Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame Application (Document)

Congratulations to the 2016 Inductees


Jeff Essen & Mike Foster

Hall of Fame Chairperson -Jeff Essen

Mail Your application to

Jeff Essen

5155 Cleves Warsaw Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 or email to [email protected]
Applications Due no Later than June 1, 2018

Criteria for Hall of Fame according to the By-Laws of Delhi Athletic Association is as follows:


Section 1

The Hall of Fame organized September 23, 1965 shall be continued under this Code of Regulations.

Section 2

The purpose shall be to honor those members who have their time and put forth exceptional effort for the advancement of the Delhi Hills Athletic Association and by so doing have helped the youth of the area.

Section 3

The nomination committee is comprised of all elected Hall of Fame members. To be nominated for the Hall of Fame, a member must meet the following requirements:
A. Been an active member for seven years.
B. Held an Elected office for (1) year or serve on two (2) separate committees.
C. A team manager, a coach, a supervisor for the farm system or intramural of a field manager. One or any of the forgoing sub paragraph C for a period of five (5) years.

Section 4A

Each regular July meeting will be designated Hall of Fame Night. Each member elected to the Hall of Fame will at said meeting be presented the following:

Individualized Hall of Fame Plaque
Hall of Fame Membership Certificate
Hall of Fame Hat
Hall of Fame Shirt
Newly elected member will have his or her name engraved on the permanent Hall of Fame Plaque which will be permanently displayed in the Associations meeting place.
(Amended 11/21/02)

For those hall of Fame members that will be attending the 2007 Selection Meeting:

Section 4B

Each Hall of Fame member in attendance at the June 2003 nominations meeting and every member in attendance at the June nomination meeting every 4 years thereafter (i.e 2003, 2007, 2011, etc.) will be entitled to receive from Delhi Athletic Association, if member so elects, their choice of a new Hall of Fame Hat or Hall of Fame Shirt. A copy of the June nomination meeting attendance log, noting members choice or a hat or shirt, will be provided to the President of Delhi Athletic Association who in turn, or other designated individual appointed by the President, will be responsible for ordering said shirt or hat for the July Hall of Fame Night. (Adopted 11/21/02

DAA Hall of Fame Members

                                  2016 Jeff Essen, Mike Foster
                                  2015 Marc Reed
                                  2014 Gary Brummett
                                  2013 Rob Birri , Vicki Schwertman
                                  2012 Tammy Schroeder, Ted Polland
                                  2011 Mark Fay
                                  2010 Bob Ilg, Tony Hover
                                  2009 Mike TOAD Borros
                                  2008 Mike Schwertman, Bob Brown
                                  2007 Karen Conroy, Rick Alley
                                  2006 Kurt Mechley , Steve McGowan
                                  2005 Bill Hamilton, Dan Donovan and Lynne Seaburn
                                  2004 Ken Dolch, Jim Shea, Dennis Conroy
                                  2003 Dave Westendorf
                                  2002 Doug Wainz, Jerry Hennessey
                                  2001 Gene Flach, Pete Kleinholz
                                  2000 John Shorten, Don Jenkins
                                  1999 Jerry Miller
                                  1998 Mike Di Tomaso, Howie Whitson
                                  1997 Jerry Lampe, Carol Richmond
                                  1996 Marty Smith, Clyde Kober, Terry Spitzmueller
                                  1995 Curtis Hall, Bob Luebbe, Bill Ackman, Kevin Gough, Walt Tarplee
                                  1994 Bob Minning, Larry Hayes, Terry Garrett
                                  1993 Jim Birkhoffer, Truman Taylor, Rich Borgman
                                   1992 Bonnie Baumann, Bill Zachritz
                                  1991 Milt Kleinholz, Den Rebennack
                                  1990 Steve Beale, Bill Conroy
                                  1989 Howard Witsken, Walt Dase
                                  1988 Robert Grierson, Bob Phair, Jim Beckenhaupt, Joe Ruhe
                                  1987 Larry Burdick, Ed Vogt
                                  1986 Ron Fritz, Dan Ruhe
                                  1985 Dave Mattlin, Mike Weber
                                  1984 Don Freeman, Dick Marston, Jim Topmiller
                                  1983 Jack Holwadel, Roy Kilgore
                                  1982 Gene Duesing, Red Koester
                                  1981 Elwood Feeney, Len Galvin
                                  1980 Ray Herzog, Tom Malone
                                  1979 John Luegering
                                  1978 Tom Stucker
                                  1977 Jim Jump, Carl Silbernagel
                                  1976 Ed Buller, Bill Remke
                                  1975 Bob Dew, Bob Schroeder
                                  1974 Neal O'Leary, Jay Silver
                                  1973 Cliff Williams
                                  1972 Joe Cook, Bob Langenbrunner
                                  1971 Frank Keegan, Jack Sattler
                                  1970 Bob Marchioni. Don Weddle
                                  1969 Frank Schmitz
                                  1968 Ed Paul
                                  1967 H. Dinkelacker, Howard Gelwicks, C.O. Harrison
                                  1966 Ed Deller, Walt Nienaber
                                  1965 Al Baum, Bob Benham, Glen Carder, Ed Keller, Bud Menard, Henry Meyer, Jack Schneider, Bob Schnohoft, Ed Stanton, Bill DiMuzio, Frank Schroeder, Norm Stevens